Our Story

Welcome to Celtic Earth Salt & Company®️, the world's foremost Celtic salt purveyor! Our mission is to share the natural purity and abundant mineral goodness of genuine Celtic sea salt with households worldwide.

Our story began in the unspoiled coastal landscapes of Brittany, France, where we embarked on a quest driven by reverence for traditional salt-harvesting methods and an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation. Fueled by our passion for quality, we sought to encapsulate the ocean's essence in every salt grain we produce.

At Celtic Earth Salt & Company®️, we take pride in the meticulous hand-harvesting techniques passed down through generations. These methods ensure that our salt maintains its unique blend of essential minerals, enhancing both its flavor and its wellness benefits.

Sustainability lies at the core of our operations. We collaborate closely with local communities and environmental experts to ensure our harvesting practices are eco-conscious and responsible. Our unwavering dedication to safeguarding the marine ecosystem means that every crystal of Celtic salt stands as a testament to our commitment to our planet.

From our family to yours, we extend an invitation to savor the exceptional taste and health advantages of Celtic sea salt. Join us on a journey that celebrates nature's finest offerings while infusing a touch of tradition into your contemporary lifestyle. Together, we're reshaping the world of salt—one crystal at a time.