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Black Truffle Sea Salt

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✨🌊Transform Your Kitchen and Health with Our Artisan Gourmet Sea Salts🌟🌿

1. Elevate Your Culinary Creations - Experience unparalleled flavor enhancement with our unrefined, artisan gourmet sea salts 🍲, perfect for chefs and culinary enthusiasts craving pure, intense flavors.

2. Nourish Your Body - Benefit from 80+ essential minerals in every pinch 💎, offering a rich source of nutrients missing from standard table salt, ideal for health-conscious consumers.

3. Support Sustainable Living - Make an ethical choice with our environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced salts 🌎, appealing to eco-friendly shoppers who prioritize the planet.

4. Savor the Purity- Enjoy our kosher, non-GMO sea salts, meticulously cleaned through our proprietary process ✨, ensuring you indulge in only the purest form of seasoning.

5. Embrace a Natural Lifestyle - Our sea salts are free from additives, chemicals, and fillers 🍃, catering to those seeking a clean, natural diet without compromising on taste.

6. Enhance Wellness Practices - Incorporate our gourmet salts into your wellness and self-care routines, from cooking to therapeutic baths 🛁, enriching your lifestyle with natural minerals.

7. Discover Unique Flavors - Explore the extraordinary tastes and textures unique to each grain of our artisanal salts 🔍, a treasure trove for gourmet food shoppers in search of premium quality.

8. Celebrate Food with Confidence- Our no-preservatives and unprocessed approach mean you can enjoy every meal knowing you're avoiding harmful substances 🎉, a boon for dietary restricted individuals.

9. Gift the Taste of Luxury - Delight foodies, chefs, and loved ones with the gift of exquisite taste and health benefits 🎁, making every occasion special with our artisan gourmet sea salts.

10. Join a Community of Taste Pioneers- Become part of a select group that values quality, health, and sustainability 🌟, transforming everyday meals into moments of pure delight.❤️

By choosing our artisan gourmet sea salts, you're not just seasoning your food; you're enhancing your life, one pinch at a time.

Elevate your culinary experiences and embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle today. 🌱

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All Natural Organic Pure Flavored Sea Salts

Immerse yourself in our All-Natural Artisan Sea Salts Collection. Crafted with care and curated for connoisseurs, each salt crystal is a testament to purity and flavor.

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Celtic Earth Salt & Co

Your Ultimate Health & Wellness Destination.

Located in Laguna Beach California At Celtic Earth Salt & Co, we are passionate about curating the finest gourmet ARTISAN Sea salts to enhance your wellbeing and elevate your everyday experiences. With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and flavor, we strive to bring you products that inspire creativity in the kitchen and promote a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.



Celtic Earth Salt is a premium brand of artisan gourmet sea salt that offers a wide range of all-natural, organic salts. It is known for its high mineral content and exceptional quality.

Celtic Earth Salt is sourced from the Guarande region in France, known for its pristine coastal waters. The salt is hand-harvested by skilled artisans who follow traditional methods to ensure its purity and integrity.

What sets Celtic Earth Salt apart is its Optically Clean® technique, which ensures the salt is free from impurities and contaminants. Additionally, Celtic Earth Salt contains over 74+ minerals, providing a rich and complex flavor profile.

Yes, Celtic Earth Salt is organic. It is carefully produced using natural and sustainable methods without the use of any synthetic additives or chemicals.

Celtic Earth Salt contains over 74+ minerals, including essential elements like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and many others. These minerals contribute to the unique taste and potential health benefits of the salt.

Celtic Earth Salt can be used as a finishing salt to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Sprinkle it on grilled vegetables, roasted meats, or even desserts to add a subtle briny taste and a satisfying crunch.

Yes, Celtic Earth Salt is suitable for most dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, vegan, and paleo diets. It is a pure and natural salt without any added ingredients that may cause concerns for specific dietary needs.

Yes, Celtic Earth Salt is gluten-free. It is produced in a gluten-free facility and is safe for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Yes, Celtic Earth Salt is kosher-certified. It has been carefully processed and meets the strict standards of kosher food preparation.

Celtic Earth Salt has a long shelf life of several years when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It does not spoil but may slightly lose its flavor potency over time.

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Quality Celtic Salt is very hard to find!! i love that they are always in stock with low prices! i especially love the flavored artisan Gourmet Salts they're SOOOO DELICIOUS!!

Johanna Johnson

New Orleans


Incredible experience! i love the Celtic Salt! The customer service at Celtic Earth Salt & Co is unparalleled. Lightning-fast delivery, unbeatable prices, and top-notch quality. This is my new favorite online store!

Linda B.

Los Angeles, CA


Five stars all the way! Outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond. The speed of delivery is impressive, prices are budget-friendly, and the products exceed expectations. Highly recommend!

Johnnie Chang

New York, New York


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Los Angeles, CA


Celtic Earth Salt & Co has set a new standard! From the swift delivery to the fantastic prices and exceptional customer service, I couldn't be happier. Quality products at affordable rates – truly a gem of an online store!

Sue Ellen Chizaro

Miami, FL


Exceptional! I've never experienced such fast delivery, and the customer service is phenomenal. Celtic Earth Salt & Co offers quality products at unbeatable prices. A five-star experience every time!

Lisa Ortiz

Albuquerque, NM


Wow! This is how online shopping should be. Lightning-fast delivery, top-notch customer service, prices that won't break the bank, and products that exceed expectations. Celtic Earth Salt & Co has earned every one of these five stars!

Jammal B.


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Celtic Earth Salt & Co

Laguna Beach, CA

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Our Pledge of 10% of Every Purchase to Charities

At Celtic Earth Salt & Co, we believe in making a positive impact. That's why we pledge to donate 10% of every purchase to charities dedicated to meaningful causes. Join us in creating change with every transaction – because together, small actions lead to significant contributions.

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